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Welcome to the Queen Comic World !

So, here we are ! Our objective , in opening this site , is not to make the fanciest and most elaborate of the sites on the web . For that there are already many talented people who create sites with consummate skills ! Firstly , we would like to say one thing to them : Our best compliments for the marvellous work you have all accomplished !

We would like , through the medium of this site , to bring something different : a vision and a perception of Queen from Jef's pencils , and to show the humour in which he is so unique .

In this way , gradually , we would like to share with you our passion for the group , for their music , for their unique path , for the enthusiasm and optimism that they have given us throughout the years . We will do this in telling you of our experiences , our meetings , and also of our dreams ....

In short : Welcome to " another world " !

After a certain time on this site , you will find some new illustrated stories by Jef , various cartoons which were drawn on many occasions ,etc...

For many people's pleasure , we hope that you will be able to discover a page dedicated to the archives of the French meetings in recent years , and additionally a " Gallery" page on which there will be photos of you !

Naturally , a page is dedicated to the Queen Comic Book , the story, and the Mercury Phoenix Trust Foundation and the British Bone Marrow Donor Appeal .

Next we ask you to be lenient with us , because as webmasters , we are beginners ; we are not experts , but we are very dedicated in making this site better and better , and in turn it will undergo many transformations as we go along , but we have got to start somewhere I guess !

So now, throw away your cudgels , your hammers, and other weapons , and above all, do not hesitate to give us your opinion , OK ?

And...Keep The Magic Alive !!!

Jef & Camille Simonet



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